Server provisioning and management

See how easy it is to create and manage servers with Michman.

Server creation

Michman handles the whole process of server provisioning for you. Request a server from your favorite server provider via simple Michman interface, and we will handle the rest. The whole process takes under 10 minutes with no effort on your side.

We automatically upgrade the software on the servers, set up secure SSH key-based access for you, configure firewall to keep only the needed ports open, enable rate limiting for SSH access attempts and apply a number of OS hardening measures on top of it.

Server provisioning form
Server creation form

Batteries included

We pre-install everything you will need on your servers for you and apply sane default configurations:

  • Nginx
  • Gunicorn
  • Python (all major versions from 2.7 and on are available)
  • pyp
  • MySQL
  • Redis or Memcached
  • NPM
  • Supervisor
  • UFW Uncomplicated Firewall
  • Base packages and dependencies
  • ...and more according to your chosen server type

And you can easily install whatever your project needs on top of it.

Installed packages
Installed packages

Secure by default

On top of all the other security measures we take, every one of your servers will have automatic security updates configured, and you will be notified about the process.

Unattended upgrades
Unattended security updates